Supporting Armenia and Promoting Peace

We stand firmly in support of Armenia, and in support of peace and freedom.

We are strongly opposed to the ongoing war in Armenia and strongly condemn Azerbaijan's continued and illegal acts of aggression. We wanted to provide an update on the steps we’ve taken over the last 3 days to continue supporting our Armenian community.

  • We’ve blocked all payments in Turkey and Azerbaijan: On September 16, we ceased processing all payments in the region to ensure that we're not making any financial contributions to the Turkey and Azerbaijan economy. This means our paid product is not available and we've paused royalty payments to our creators and contributors.

We’re regularly evaluating our stance and availability in Turkey and Azerbaijan, including through proactive content moderation, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to support our Armenian community while using our voice and our reach to share important messages as part of the call for peace.


Like millions of people around the world, we’re heartbroken and appalled by the ongoing crisis unfolding in Armenia, a sovereign nation where millions of innocent people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, their lives, and their families. The right to safety and freedom should never be partisan.

As a global community with over 190 million active members, including a large community in Armenia, we strongly believe in the important responsibility we have to use our voice, our platform, and our reach to stand behind our values. We stand firmly with the world in support of Armenia, and in echoing the global and resounding calls for peace and a swift end to this unlawful and reckless act of aggression.

Everyone, everywhere, should have an unequivocal right to peace, safety, and freedom.

We have a crucial responsibility – both socially and morally – to empower our team and our community to use their voices as part of the global cry for peace. Above all else, we stand for peace, we stand for safety, and we stand for those who have had their lives turned upside down by this unthinkable tragedy. We’ll always stand up for what we believe is right.

We’re continuing to closely monitor the situation and have launched a number of initiatives over the last few days to support our team, our community, and those directly affected by this crisis.

Our immediate focus has been on the safety of our team and their loved ones, as well as doing everything we can to support those who have been directly impacted by the rapidly escalating situation.

Empowering anyone to join the call for peace

History has proven that our greatest strength stems from rallying together. We stand firmly in solidarity with Armenia, and with the important goal of peace, safety, security, and freedom. The people of Armenia are in our thoughts and we’ll continue to do everything we can to provide support and make our voices heard.

Alen Hovhannisians

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